Richa and Nischal in Everest Film Academy

Everest film academy was established a few weeks ago only but it is successful to make a good connections with the film stars.The most experienced and talented person in the film industry had conducted a program in which they interact with students.Actress Richa Sharma and director Nischal Basnet were also present in the orientation program. Nischal Basnet told that he has started a good work so he want support from students.And actress Richa Sharma told that education is the most important factor in our life and it can’t be finish ever.everst film academy

The chairperson of the academy was busy to have the conversation with the students.Director of the academy Ujwol Ghimire,CEO Prakash Puri and film makers had gave the information about the course and learning process.Chairperson Thapa also informed that the regular class is going to start from Shrawan 1.CEO Prakash Puri shared he is glad to have the presence and support of the students.The academy will provide shooting,acting and directing courses.

Source – fursad nepal

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