Acting in EFA

Acting is pretending an intended action or deed and the occupation and work of an actor. It is an art and profession of performing fictional role in plays, film and theater. By an actor and actress, who portrays a person in a theater, film or any other story telling medium who tells the story by pretending a character. In Everest film Academy, we insure you to hone your skill as well as recondition your mind so that you may perform to the best of your abilities. We immerse you in 12 month of hands-on, cutting edge training and kick start your carrier in the creative industries. Learn from award winning film and TV professional in a collaborative environment in EFA. And quickly gain the film grounding and practical skills you need, to achieve your goals-whether you continue to further study or launch straight into the industry.

Syllabus For Acting

  1. Basic Acting Skill (1 Month)
  2. Advance Acting Skill ( 10 Months)
  3. Performance/Play or Film (1 Month )

Basic Acting Skill

  • Theatre Games
  • Personality Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication Skill Development
  • What is acting?
  • History of acting? World\ Asia\ Nepal
  • History of Film World\Asia\Nepal
  • Voice and speech
  • Body and movement
  • Text and body
  • Memory power, confident, concentration, eye contact, timing,
  • Observation
  • Fight
  • Dance
  • Imagination

Advance Acting Skill (9 months)

  • Role play
  • Elements of acting
  • Work on dialogue
  • Expression
  • Source of acting
  • Limitation of acting
  • Benefit of acting
  • What is good actor ?
  • Type of Acting
  • Type of actor
  • Qualities of Actor
  • Kill the darlings
  • Solo improvisation (perform in every 3 months) topic\ without topic
  • Character analysis
  • Scene analysis
  • Character goal
  • Scene goal
  • Project goal
  • Conflict – thought\visual
  • Group improvisation – topic\ without topic
  • Drama Therapy
  • Use of Costume, Properties & Make up
  • Relationship with co-star
  • Third eye of an Actor
  • Facing the camera & Lights
  • Different Phases Of an Actors life
  • Film Appreciation

Performance / Play or Film

  • Project work
  • Drama Play & Performance
  • Short Movie
  • Documentary
  • Feature Movie
  • Work with Group

For Admission

Course Period: 12 Months
Class Hours:
Morning Shift  – 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Evening Shift – 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Class Days: Sunday to Friday (except public holiday)
No of Seats: 15 person
Age Criteria: 14 years and above

All essential facilities and equipment’s are provided by Academy.