Direction in EFA

The Director is without a doubt not only a person who tells the story, but also one who fully understands what the story want to tell and the manner in which it should be presented. The emphasis here is on independent study and learning through the writing of and ‘original’ screenplay and the making of a film. The mentor is thus like a guide-by-the-side rather than a sage-on-the-stage. As part of the learning process, students also need to read recommended texts on Cinema, watch and analyze as many films as they can, from around the world and attend relevant cultural events in the city.

Syllabus of Direction


  • Introduction of cinema, contents, Effectiveness
  • Relation with other arts
  • History of cinema
  • Basic techniques
  • Film syntax
  • Enlargement and composition
  • Film as a language
  • Elements of communication
  • Space, time, image, sound
  • The film team and their duties
  • Film production – pre production to post production
  • Montage system, materialism, expressionism, impressionism, Realism, Neo-realism, surrealism, new wave
  • Film Genre, mixing Genre and Reinventing Genre
  • Documentary, Docu-Drama, Fiction Film
  • Intellectual and Conventional Film
  • Semiotics of Cinema
  • Different stages of Script Writing
  • Film Structure
  • Architectural design and dramatic curves
  • Character, characteristics and characterization
  • Structure and Genre
  • Principle of Narrative Analysis
  • Suspense, Anticipation, surprise
  • Handling of Actors
  • Animation and special effects in film
  • Pilot sound, Dubbed sound, Effects, Background music, Recording, Mixing
  • Film and video editing technique
  • Film analysis\ appreciation\critics and criticism
  • Budgeting, Breakdown of schedules


  • Film screening
  • Guest Lecture and Interaction
  • Writing Scripts
  • Camera practical-compositions and exposing shuts
  • Continuity Exercise
  • Editing shots and scene
  • Dialogue Exercise
  • Breakdown of shots and song picturization
  • Research works for a documentary film
  • Documentary film making\ writing commentaries\narrations
  • Mise-en-scene Exercise

Final projects

For Admission

Course Period: 12 Months
Class Hours:
Morning Shift – 7:00 AM to 9:00AM
Evening Shift – 3:00 PM to 5:00PM
Class Days: Sunday to Friday (except public holiday)
No of Seats: 15 person
Age Criteria: 16 years and above

All essential facilities and equipment’s are provided by Academy.