Visual Editing Department

“You will gain a utmost advantage through consummate technological, recreational and academic facilities.”

Karun Thapa

Having more than 30 years of experience in Information Technology, Karun Thapa introduced 3D Animation, AVID Film Editing and Digital Film Editing in Nepal. He is a synonym for 3D Animation, VFX and Digital Editing in Nepali media sphere. He has edited more than 25 Nepali feature films and has completed hundreds of animation for television and commercials landing him numerous awards in the respective field. He has been actively training animators, visual editors and digital media locally and in South Asian countries. He has served as a prolific Jury Member in major Film Awards including National Film Award, Television Awards, Advertising Awards, etc. Apart from technical expertise, he is an award-winning lyricist and contributes significantly in ghazal writing in Nepal.