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A Director acts as a chief in the filmmaking process. It is the vision of the director that every member of the team follows and helps achieve it. A director is a storyteller and an artist. A director knows the blood and meat of the film and adds soul to it, making something written on paper alive and breathing in front of our eyes; an aspirant would be trained with an overall knowledge in filmmaking to be able to achieve this.


Cinematography is an art of visual storytelling. A cinematographer works closely with the director and brings into life the aesthetics that the story demands. It involves the composition of scene, lighting of the set and actor, choice of cameras, camera angle and integration of special effect to achieve the photographic image desired by the director. We at EFA, help build this sense in the student who has a knack in visual storytelling.


Acting is adaptation of a character and building of the character’s action, behavior and body language thereby. It is an art and profession of performing fictional role in plays, film and theater. Acting requires a dissimilar teaching approach as each individual would be groomed differently. Therefore, the institute chisels an aspiring actor through different techniques like wushu, yoga, body language, vocal exercise and other experimental methods.


A film is made thrice, once on the writing table, then while shooting and finally on the edit. Editing in many ways is the most misunderstood of all film profession. It is no wonder that within the film community, a good visual editor is highly revered, and considered a magician with the power to make or break a film. Therefore, the student would not only learn the technicalities but the ability of giving their own perspective to a film, thereby adding a layer to it.

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  • Everest film academy located at the heart of Kathmandu, Baneshwor proudly offers a yearly international level course program surrounded by well-known national award winners and graduated in film studies faculty members.
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