Frequently Asked Question

Does EFA offer degrees?

No.  EFA is currently offering only a yearly course, hands-on workshops.  However, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion after you’ve finished the course.

Does EFA teach all the subject materials in English language only?

EFA is an international level course comprised of students from different backgrounds.  As film making is a collaborative art, Clear communication is imperative for success. EFA classes and workshops are taught exclusively in English.

With clear communication being a key to on-set safety, it’s important that everyone understand each other at all times.  Using a common language ensures that everyone on set receives the same vital information. We want our classes, projects and feedback to be comprehensive to everybody.  Our goal is to create the most inclusive, collaborative environment possible.

Does EFA offer Distance-learning courses (i.e. Online Courses)?

No. The nature of filmmaking arts is hands on instruction that requires experience in the field and on set.

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the program?

Yes – graduates will receive a Certificate.

Does EFA offer any campus housing?

No, EFA does not offer campus housing at this time.

Will EFA assist me with job placement after I complete the program?

No, school/college can guarantee that you will be able to obtain work after completing our programs. But with its working industry Mentors, EFA offers you exposure to real-world industry veterans. Our programs are designed to prepare you for the job market and we will help you with research and referrals for potential job openings.

Will I be able to find work in the industry when I finish?

The Academy will assist graduates in locating field-related, entry-level employment and freelance employment opportunities, as freelance/self-employment is a common employment objective in the Filmmaking, Acting, and Digital Animation fields.  The Placement Advisor notifies graduates of potential job openings and assists them to the best of his/her ability in securing entry-level employment. The academy maintains a current list of industry job openings and makes this information available to graduates. Academy cannot guarantee employment for students following graduation.