Rules of Student

  1. Students are required to be in the academy premises at least ten minutes before the commencement of classes
  2. Students should wear academy t-shirt every Friday and in the special program from the academy.
  3. Students are not allowed to come by drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes/marijuana before the academy premises
  4. Students should maintain their discipline and try not to violet the rules and standard of academy.
  5. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing weapons or any sort of liquor to the academy.
  6. Minimum attendance of 90% is mandatory
  7.  Attendance at special seminars and guest lectures is compulsory.
  8. Misbehavior, habitual late coming, disobedience, absenteeism, consumption of prohibited substances in the premises, abuses, cheating in the assessments, and other such acts unbecoming of a professional actor shall attract suspension from the academy
  9. Assessments and other such acts will attract suspension from academy.
  10. Disrespect or discourtesy to guests, faculty and office staff will be considered as an act of indiscipline and the student concerned will be suspended from the program
  11. Students have to incur all expenses if he/she causes damage (writing on the walls of the studios, passages, toilets, chairs and tables or any breaking etc of academy property.

* Any students who do not  follow our rules and violets the surroundings Everest film academy have the authority to rusticate the students.